About us



Smarta is a new support platform for business owners and entrepreneurs. Our aim is to provide a one-stop-shop where business owners can connect, learn and actually *do* business.

Smarta was founded and is run and backed by some of the UK's top entrepreneurs. At the heart of everything we do is a belief that business owners learn best from each other. Because we are entrepreneurs, we understand what business people want and need.

Smarta is unique because it delivers: real-time access to 1000s of people running businesses; *real* business advice from business people that have been there and done it; access to live professional advice from lawyers, accountants and other services providers free of charge.

Here are a few other reasons Smarta is, well, smarter:

  • We're sympathetic to how you learn best - pick from succinct, practical bite-size guides, videos, case studies, features, diaries, tools, wikis.
  • We take the pain out of the banal - come to us to do business quicker and more efficiently. Register your business in 30 minutes, then apply for a bank account and loan.
  • If we can't provide the answers, we let you ask the questions. Consult the community when you're stumped and choose to ask people from your sector, region or contact base.

Now you know what Smarta is about, we feel it's important to point out what we're most definitely NOT about:

  • We're not about big business, we'll leave that to the FT. We're about getting big.
  • We're not full of empty management rhetoric and idealistic best practice. Yuk.
  • We're not an archaic library of cumbersome jargon-filled information to churn through. Zzz.
  • We're not full of faceless 'experts' who think they know best. They don't.
  • We're not just another social network to collect friends you already have. What's the point?



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