Managing three projects in one hectic weekend


In 2009, Cyclevox won three projects that required three teams to be filming three events, in three countries, all on the same weekend.

The challenge

How could we manage three key filming projects and deliver top quality to each client?

The solution

The first step in our solution was to ensure we had a Cyclevox head on each project.  One that understood the client, knew how to manage their needs and expectations and could deal with any issues and problems as they arose.

Once this was in place, each project needed careful planning, logistics, briefing documents, and key responsibilities detailed.  Putting everything down on paper, thinking through potential issues and problems was key to success. 

Each client was given a key point of contact, to ensure they knew exactly how their project was going to be run.

Careful budgeting of each project was undertaken and the head of each team knew how much they had to spend on each individual item of their particular project.  That way we knew we had tight control on our finances.

Finally, we trusted our teams to deliver a great project and instilled enthusiasm and allowed them to use their individual creative flair to deliver what we needed.

We delivered two programmes for British Eurosport, one for International Eurosport and a 45 minute DVD for a client, all from that weekend. It was adrenaline fuelled, exciting and challenging - but we did and it and look forward to doing it again!

Key lesson

Have a contingency plan in case staff are ill, or taken ill and always have a contingency for equipment breakdown.

Top tip

Let your teams use their skills to deliver what you need.  If you brief them carefully and give them the parameters then they will deliver more than you expected.

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