Part-time business courses

Part-time courses can really help you boost your business skills, and you'd be surprised at how many business-related courses are on offer. This guide looks at the advantages of doing a part-time course and helps you decide how to choose one if you think it could help you:

  • Why do a part-time course?
  • How to choose a course
  • Where to find a course

Why do a part-time course?

A part-time course can be a really good way to work on a specific area of your business knowledge that you feel needs improvement - accounting, marketing, IT or sales strategy, for example. They're much cheaper and quicker than doing a degree or MBA, and you can choose a course whose hours and study pattern suits you. They can also be a good way to network and bounce your ideas off people in the know.

  • A good way to improve a specific area
  • Cheaper, quicker and more flexible than an MBA or degree
  • Good way to network and sound out ideas

Choosing a course

You may feel that you are weaker in a particular area of business and would like to improve. Investing in an accounting course, for example, could end up being a lot cheaper than hiring an accountant. On the other hand, you may want simply to take your business forward - marketing, PR and sales strategy courses could help you achieve this. Assess your business plan and think about the most effective way to stimulate business growth, and choose a course that supports this. Consider cost (including books you may need to buy), location, and how many hours you're able to put into studying.

  • Look at areas you are weaker in and assess the value learning skills could add
  • Look at how to stimulate business growth and choose a course that supports this
  • Consider cost, location and hours

Where to find a course

Ask about short courses at your local Adult Education Centre (AEC), or any nearby business schools and universities, and speak to government initiative Train to Gain. Take a look online -, or on the Guardian's website through its course finder. Learn Direct and the Open University offer self-study courses, which you may find suit you better if you want to study in whatever hours suit you, from home.

  • Try your local AEC, nearby business schools or unis
  • Look online - try the Train to Gain website or call them on 0800 015 55 45
  • Learn Direct and the Open University offer self-study courses

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