Buying printers for your business

Even if you're running a paperless office, chances are there will be occasions when you'll need to print out documents. You may be surprised at the variety and diversity of printers on the market. This guide will help you determine your needs and buy the right printer to suit your business.

  • Types of printer
  • Extra functions
  • Choosing your printer

Types of printer

There are two types of printer: inkjet, which, as the name suggests, prints by pressing ink on to a page; and laser, which uses heat and light to bake black or coloured powder, known as toner, on to the paper. While inkjet printers are cheaper to buy, they are less robust and ink costs mean per page printed, they are more expensive.

  • Inkjet printers press ink on to the page
  • Laser printers bake toner on to paper
  • Inkjet printers are more expensive per page printed

Extra functions

Some printers come with additional functionality built in, such as scanners, photocopiers, and even fax machines. While it may seem more expensive to buy a combined printer, the cost could actually be lower than buying all the components separately, and the combination will also save space.

  • Some printers come with added functionality such as scanners, photocopiers or fax machines
  • The cost may be lower than buying all the separate components
  • The combined printer will also save space

Choosing your printer

Before you buy your printer, decide how much you are willing to spend and what sort of functionality you want from it. If you are planning to print out thousands of mail outs, you will probably want the speed of a laser printer, but if you are only planning to use it to print out the odd letter, an inkjet will probably suffice. Check the internet for reviews.

  • Decide how much you are willing to spend
  • Choose a laser printer if you need speed
  • Check the internet for reviews

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