Finding data servers for your business

While a Local Area Network (LAN) means you can share files, you will eventually need a central server to store data on, and because keeping your data protected should be a major concern for most businesses, it's essential you buy a reliable server. This guide will explain the role of servers and help you choose the right one for your business.

  • What is a server?
  • Buying a server
  • Keeping your server secure

What is a server?

Servers are essentially large hard drives on which you can store data. They act as a central 'hub' for your data, allowing multiple computers to connect at once so users can view and edit documents and share them with other users. Servers also allow you to limit access for certain users, which means you have control over files you'd rather certain sections of your workforce didn't see.

  • Servers are large hard drives on which to store data
  • They allow multiple users to connect at once
  • Limit access for certain users

Buying a server

When it comes to buying a server, reliability is key. If your server goes down, it could put your business in jeopardy, so look for a server with parts which can be taken out easily and quickly replaced. Assess how much physical space you have in your office - while an enormous server may seem like a good idea for a growing business, you may not have enough space to house it.

  • A reliable server is key
  • Look for a server with parts which can be replaced quickly
  • Don't overestimate the amount of space you have

Keeping your server secure

Just because the server isn't portable doesn't mean it's not at risk from theft. Keep it in a safe location and consider locking it in with security cables to prevent theft. Limit employee access to the server, and make sure it is password protected so you know exactly who is accessing what.

  • Keep your server in a safe location and consider securing it
  • Limit employee access to the server
  • Make sure it is password protected

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