How to expand your business' IT system

There will come a time for many businesses when two laptops and a printer aren't enough to support your growing workforce, and you are forced to look at ways of expanding your computer system. This guide will help you to decide which areas to expand in, and help you budget for your expansion.

  • Using an IT supplier
  • Budgeting
  • Deciding where to expand

Using an IT supplier

When you are looking to expand, a specialised IT supplier will be able to recommend areas you need to consider. Make sure you are clear with your supplier on exactly how much you are willing to spend, and be firm with your requirements - don't let them persuade you to buy software or hardware which won't provide good returns.

  • A specialised IT supplier will be able to make recommendations
  • Be clear on your budget
  • Be firm with your requirements


When you are setting your budget, remember you are not just budgeting for the purchases you will make now, you are budgeting for any future maintenance costs and the costs of replacement and upgrades. Try to determine how much return on investment (ROI) each piece of equipment will bring.

  • Factor maintenance and upgrade costs into your budget
  • Determine what the ROI will be for each piece of equipment

Deciding where to expand

Look at the areas of your business where staff are being forced to perform repetitive or time-consuming tasks, and try to assess if there is a way to limit them. Make sure any upgrades or expansions support your business and try to assess the ROI of each investment. Carry out regular reviews of your projects - if the upgrades have not eliminated certain issues, find out why.

  • Look at problem areas in your business
  • Make sure upgrades support your business
  • Carry out regular reviews of your investments

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