Upgrading your business' computers

As your business grows, so too will your business' needs, and as more employees come in, you will have to consider how you will integrate them into your IT system. This guide will explain how to expand your IT network, and how to work with an IT supplier.

  • Choosing an IT supplier
  • Managing the cost of your IT system
  • Buying laptops

Choosing an IT supplier

Your IT supplier will get to know your business and make recommendations for the most appropriate equipment. Before you choose your supplier, shop around to look at pricing. Do they give any added value, like 24 hour technical support, or on-call technicians? Also make sure you trust your supplier to recommend the best equipment, rather than the most expensive.

  • Your supplier will get to know your business
  • Shop around to find the best deal
  • Make sure you trust your suppliers

Managing the cost of your IT system

Before you sign a contract with your supplier, agree on a budget and write it into the contract. Sit down with them and discuss all the measures they plan to take, and why. Your supplier will usually expect payment after they have completed the project, but try to negotiate it so you can pay them once you have been using the system for a few weeks and you are satisfied.

  • Agree on a budget and write it into the contract
  • Discuss the measures they plan to take in detail
  • Try to delay payment until a few weeks after the system has been installed

Buying laptops

If your staff are working outside the office, you may want to invest in laptops for them. One of the easiest ways to integrate laptops into your existing IT system is via a docking station, which will use the laptop's hard drive but means you can plug in an external monitor, keyboard and mouse. Remember that laptops are light and therefore easy to steal - invest in security chain for laptops left in the office overnight.

  • Laptops are useful for staff working outside the office
  • Use a docking system to integrate laptops into your existing IT infrastructure
  • Invest in security chains to keep laptops safe

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