Upgrading your business' software

As your business grows you will need to improve and upgrade your IT system to ensure it fits your needs. Although this may sound costly, having software which suits your business could save you money in the long term. This guide will give an indication of the areas you should be concentrating on.

  • Buying additional licenses
  • Bespoke software
  • Payroll software

Buying additional licenses

It's against the law to install the same copy of a piece of software on multiple machines, and could result in prosecution if you are discovered. When you're buying new licenses, you can either go for a per-user license, which will allow a maximum number of simultaneous users on the same piece of software, or a more expensive site license, which will allow as many users as you like on one premises.

  • It's against the law to install the same copy of software on multiple machines
  • A per-user license will allow a maximum number of users
  • A site license will allow as many users as you like on one premises

Bespoke software

If your business is growing fast, you may wish to design software specifically for your needs. While developing new software is a costly and time-consuming process, it could make running your business much simpler. If you don't have the facilities in-house, you will need to engage the services of a software developer, who will give you a quote and talk you through the process.

  • Bespoke software is customised to your business' needs
  • Could simplify certain areas of the business
  • Approach a software developer for a quote

Payroll software

As your business grows, making sure employees are paid at the right time will become an increasingly complex process. Payroll software will help you organise your payments system, automatically calculating PAYE and national insurance contributions, as well as integrating complex payroll legistlation.

  • Payroll software will help you organise your system
  • Automatically calculate PAYE and national insurance
  • Integrate complex payroll legislation

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