Why we decided to outsource IT


Like all companies, we have varied and complex IT requirements and require non-stop technical support. But hiring someone to handle IT would not be cost-effective. So we decided to outsource.


As we are made up of only six employees, employing a full-time IT manager with a salary of over £30,000 a year would not be cost-effective. Add to this the issue that many in-house experts in small firms have vast gaps in their knowledge, and it becomes clear that for a company of our size, hiring one person would be both inefficient and expensive.

The solution

We're a small company in terms of headcount, but we are involved in a number of large-scale projects, including developing a stadium and retail complex for FA Cup finalists Cardiff City. Knowing our website and our internal data are secure, being able to access our emails at all times and being assured that all of our applications are backed-up and up-to-date is paramount to us being able to perform as a business.

As a solution, we decided to outsource our email, telephony, IT security and website hosting to eLINIA, the managed services provider, also based in Cardiff. That meant that we could be supported by a team of IT professionals with a breadth of IT expertise that a single in-house IT manager could not match.

Key lesson

Regardless of their size, companies need to invest man-hours in IT, and outsourcing infrastructure and common applications can be far more cost-effective than hiring someone in-house.

Top tip

You need to see your outsourcer as an extension of your team, and select them with the same vigilance you would an employee - speak to their existing customers to get a better idea about how they work and to ensure that their business priorities match yours.

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