App attack! The best BlackBerry business apps

We asked Rory O'Neill, senior director of business marketing at RIM, to give us his pick of the best business apps on the BlackBerry.

Salesforce Mobile Lite

Salesforce 150

Users of the CRM database can now access key information and features on their BlackBerry smartphone. The easy-to-use application allows you to view leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases and solutions while being able to edit tasks and events in Salesforce.  It even allows you to view and interact with pre-defined and customised Oracle financial, HR, supply chain and CRM analytics and business intelligence alerts.

Salesforce Mobile Lite is available to download from your BlackBerry smartphone for free if you are a customer with Professional, Enterprise or an Unlimited Edition license.

BlackBerry Messenger

bb messenger 150

BlackBerry Messenger provides you with the familiar look-and-feel of desktop instant messaging programmes, right on your BlackBerry smartphone. Use BlackBerry Messenger to chat with other BlackBerry smartphone users in an easy-to-use instant messaging format. It is designed to support group-chat and provide you with the availability status of your colleagues, wherever they are in the world.

BlackBerry Messenger is available as a built-in feature on Java-based BlackBerry smartphones for free.


vnc 150

VNC+ allows you to easily access and control your desktop computer remotely from your BlackBerry smartphone.  It's extremely useful for those occasions when you need to run or shut down an application or check data stored on your PC when you're out of the office.

VNC+ is available to download from your BlackBerry smartphone for £14.15.


blackberry business apps - alert matrix 150

AlertMatrix is designed for workers who find themselves besieged every day by unwanted phone calls or text messages. The AlertMatrix gives you the ability to give priority to certain senders based on their telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. This way, your device will only alert you when you have an important message from a client or a family member and will remain dormant for unknown or unwanted messages. Additionally, the app lets you select different noises and ringtones for different people to let you know exactly who is calling.

AlertMatrix is available to download from your BlackBerry smartphone for £21.19.

PocketDay Professional

blackberry pocket professional 150PocketDay Professional is a useful 'today screen' for your BlackBerry smartphone. It integrates all your critical functions into a single unified screen and adds other content such as weather, stocks, news, google search, world clocks and more.

PocketDay also includes productivity enhancements such as speed keys (such as one click email and text.), hotkeys to launch your favourite applications, backlight on message receive, and so much more.

PocketDay Professional is available to download from your BlackBerry smartphone for £21.19.


gwabbitGwabbit allows you to easily capture contact details from emails by automatically scanning incoming emails and instantly transforms contact details into your address book.  If contact information is found in an email signature, the application asks if you want to save it. It also searches your local address book to see if an address entry exists for that sender, and if so, asks you whether you want the information merged into the existing contact or a new contact be created.

Gwabbit is available to download from your BlackBerry smartphone for £7.09.


blackberry apps business laterdudeLaterdude allows you to remind yourself to call someone based on your call log or messages.  The application enables you to select an entry and then ask to 'Remind me later' which brings up a selection for you to choose when you want to be notified again about calling that person back.

Laterdude is available to download from your BlackBerry smartphone for free.

All apps in this article can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World. To download BlackBerry App World direct from your BlackBerry smartphone visit

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