I used Skype to cut costs and manage calls better


When formed, Octave OC faced challenges around high phone bills and call management. As a new start business I had the opportunity to research and test new phone software that helped me cut call costs and track and manage phone calls and so improve overall business efficiency.

The challenge

When I started my business earlier this year I was still relying on my mobile and a landline office phone for calls. As a few of my major clients were based in the Irish Republic I had to pay international rates and high phones bills. There were a few telecoms providers offering cost saving packages, but I knew they wouldn't solve the wider issues I had with call management.

The solution

Early in 2009 I had been reading a lot about VoIP (voice over internet protocol), which allows users to make calls through the internet. Rapid improvements in broadband technology had allowed more businesses to migrate to internet telecoms services and away from traditional copper-wire telephone systems. One of the main benefits for internet telecoms users was the potential for very significant saving on calls.

At the time, Skype, a leading provider of internet telecoms, was targeting businesses. I decided to give their system a try. The service works very well for businesses on the move like mine and has helped me to cut my phone bills. However, the call management system is probably as valuable to me. Its system allows me to track, manage and screen calls which saves time and gives me more control.

Video calls will probably be a next step for my business. I've recommend internet telephone systems to clients and one has suggested we could have some of our meetings over video link up.

Key lesson

In today's rapidly changing communications environment a start-up business can easily embrace new telecoms software. It might take time to research and compare providers, but you end up making your business more modern and flexible.

Top tip

Don't afraid to start using new communications solutions. Find out from small business clubs and sites if any businesses you know have embraced new telecoms systems like VoIP and decide if it could improve your business.

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