Remote working in an environmentally-friendly way


I wanted to be as productive as possible while reducing my carbon footprint. This meant finding a way to stay on top of my workload  without the need to travel to every meeting location,  and at the same time being able to keep in touch with my colleagues, our distributors, customers, suppliers, media and investors wherever I am in the world.

The challenge

I haven't had my own office for years. In fact, the idea of going to the same place just to work seems ridiculous, but as my job can take me to one or two countries every week I needed to find efficient ways to work whilst I travel, whilst at the same time minimising my carbon footprint. After all, starting GoinGreen was all about creating a positive force for environmental change.

The solution

I got a BlackBerry. It's made my time on the train and at airports more productive. It's my mobile office, wherever I am I have access to the information I need on the system. It's a great time saving device.

It has contributed directly to my green way of working and because I'm always connected I can organise my day as efficiently as possible.  I can call into meetings without having to physically be present and by communicating on the move I have eliminated that tedious requirement to deal with a hundred emails at the start or end of the day. In fact, I would even go as far as suggesting that the move to mobile has reduced my petrol consumption by 50% and my working week by an hour a day.

In addition, having a camera integrated into my smartphone has  benefits. I was in Cyprus recently when I saw a design that I thought would work for one of our projects. I took a picture of it and emailed it to our R&D team. Later in the day I received an email from them with the updated design in time for a meeting with customers.

Key lesson

Every once in a while, a technology comes along that dramatically changes the way we work and live. My BlackBerry is most definitely one of them. It's meshed perfectly with my organisation's spirit helping to reduce my carbon emissions, save money and increase efficiency in one foul swoop.

Top tip

Think of work as a thing you do not a place you go to. It means you get to choose how you live your life!

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