Choosing a mobile device

If you spend a lot of time outside your office, chances are you will want to stay in touch as effectively as possible. This guide will help you decide which features you will need when you are buying a smartphone or mobile broadband:

  • Choosing a phone
  • Smartphone features and functions
  • Mobile broadband: What you need to know

Choosing a phone

These days, your mobile phone is one of the most important tools when you're doing business, so getting the right one is essential. While smartphones such as Blackberrys are ubiquitous in most offices, ask yourself if you will need round-the-clock internet and email access - if not, will an ordinary mobile phone do? Work out how many minutes and text messages you use each month, and try to find a bundle which suits you.

  • Choosing the right phone is essential
  • Decide whether you will need a smartphone
  • Work out how many minutes and text messages you use each month

Smartphone features and functions

There are hundreds of functions available on phones. For business, you'll need a device which is email ready, with inbuilt Bluetooth, as big a screen as possible and, if you are not a confident texter, an in-built QWERTY keyboard. While features such as a camera and GPS are nice to have, consider whether they are necessary or not before you select your device.

  • Email will allow you to respond to clients quickly
  • A big screen and qwerty keyboard will make the device easier to use
  • Camera and GPS aren't essential

Mobile Broadband: What you need to know

When you're looking for a mobile broadband device, there are several factors you need to be aware of. Find out how much coverage your network provider has in your local area, and look into speed - while 3.6mbps is fine for basic business use, you may want faster if you're planning to make VoIP calls. Also look into the data cap - how much you can download per month. Be aware of the extra costs you will incur for going over the cap, look for 'unlimited' or 'fair use' plans where possible.

  • Find out how much coverage your network provider has in your area
  • 3.6mbps should be fine for basic business use
  • Find out how much you can download each month

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