SMS for businesses

Whether you need to remind customers of their appointments or you want a new marketing strategy, SMS is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with employees and customers alike. This guide will help you to understand how text messaging can help your business.

  • How can I use SMS?
  • SMS - the benefits
  • Shortcodes

How can I use SMS?

In an increasingly mobilised world, text messaging is becoming essential for businesses. Not only can it allow you send advertising which is almost guaranteed to reach customers and remind them about appointments, but it can also give your customers an easy way to contact you if they need to.

  • Send advertising
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Allow customers to contact you quickly and easily

SMS - the benefits

Research has shown over 96% of text messages are opened and read, which means advertising is almost guaranteed to reach your target audience. Text messaging also means you can time your communications, allowing you reach your customers at a particular time - the end of a football match, for example - and makes communication more personal.

  • Messages are almost guaranteed to reach your audience
  • Time your communications
  • Make your communications more personalised


Shortcodes are short, memorable four- or five-digit codes in place instead of an 07 phone number to allow your customers to communicate with you. The codes work across all mobile networks, and mean you can choose a set of numbers which spell out a relevant word on the keypad.

  • Make your text number more memorable
  • Work across all mobile networks
  • Choose a set of numbers which spell out a relevant word

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