Using your business mobile phone abroad

If you need to travel outside of the UK for your business, you will need to keep in contact - and if you're a small business, you will need to keep your bill as low as possible. This guide will give a step by step to making sure you can use your device and provide tips on how to make this as cost effective as possible.

  • What to do before you go
  • Understand your costs and keeping them under control.
  • Email and broadband abroad

What to do before you go

Two weeks before you leave, make sure your phone will work in your intended destination - your mobile phone provider should be able to tell you this. Make sure your phone isn't barred from use abroad, and personalise the security code which is used to pick up voicemails. Above all - don't forget to pack your charger.

  • Make sure your phone will work abroad
  • Personalise your voicemail security code
  • Pack your charger

Understand your costs and keeping them under control

To minimise the cost of roaming, find out from your provider what the charges will be, and take a list with you. Next, find out which network will be cheapest for you to use abroad, and stick to that - mobile phones are designed to find the strongest signal, rather than the cheapest. If you're a frequent traveller, consider getting a pay-as-you-go simcard for when you are abroad.

  • Find out what the charges will be
  • Stick to a cheaper network
  • Consider getting a pay-as-you-go simcard

Email and broadband abroad

If you're using a Blackberry device and are set up with Blackberry internet or enterprise service, it should work without any set-up. You will be able to send and receive email, but do be aware email roaming is treated similarly to voice with networks passing on costs, so check with your provider the cost of using email before you go.

  • Blackberrys should work abroad
  • Email will not require any setting up
  • Check the costs with your provider before you leave

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