How to make your website easier for people to view via mobile

Smartphones are technically powerful, but their comparatively small screens mean mobile sites have to fit the bill with clear delivery of information and ease on navigation. Read our checklist for essential mobile internet design.



Your customers are the most important resource you have when it comes to designing a mobile website. Ask them what they want to see and how they want to see it, then give it to them.


Mobile sites must be clean and uncluttered, but also reasonably shallow - too many clicks spoil the broth so make sure customers can find what they need without burrowing through layers of data.



There is a fad among desktop users or extremely large screens, not so mobiles, so pick fonts that are visually accessible on a small scale. Serif fonts, for example, can be difficult to decipher on a small screen.

Customers mk II


Before releasing your mobile website to the world ask loyal customers to give your feedback. Make sure this happens before you sign off designs with your developers or else any changes could be chargeable.

Data limits


Keep your website as 'light' as possible. Many mobile internet service plans come with limited download capacity, which is drained by heavy graphics and video.

Not all handsets are created equal


Keep in mind the range of handsets on the market and the fact that each will present your website differently. A developer might charge per type of handset; if so pick the handsets most often used by your customers to save cost.

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