How to use BBM to improve the way you do business

BlackBerry smartphone users have the opportunity to work anywhere with ease, not least because of the merits of BlackBerry Messenger. Read on for news of how it can give a boost to your business.

Modern small businesses have the chance to level the playing field with larger competitors by using technology in a smart way. Remaining in contact with customers, suppliers and team members at all times is one way to do it.

Being connected to your network and ready to move at the drop of a hat is vital when quick decisions are required. It can be the difference between your firm winning or missing out on new customers, fulfilling an order, or buying the right tools at the right price.

Being quick and agile is vital if you're a small business; it's one of the few advantages you have over the big boys. BlackBerry Messenger is just one way that you can enhance your nimbleness.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), helps you stay in touch with your network and everyone who matters within your business. It's an instant messaging application that helps facilitate staff and customer communication, collaboration and resourcing - to put it another way, it helps people do the right thing at the right time.

With BBM you can set up groups of people on the basis of projects,  teams or tasks to share diaries, to-do-lists and conversations, all in real-time and all for free. You can share pictures, presentations, documents, and a range of other files for immediate discussion.

Mobile computing gives you access to relevant and timely information that will enable you to provide a high quality response. And the company that can move quickly is more likely to secure new business.

BBM is free and unlike in the case of e-mail, you can carry on several conversations concurrently. You can also check contacts' availability and track message status and chat within a group. BBM is a powerful application in your software basket that helps you stay in touch comprehensively, yet with the minimum of fuss.

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