How to use mobile technology to make your business more efficient

Intelligent smartphones help your employees work speedily and in places that 10 years ago they couldn't. It makes them more productive and more efficient - but how can you get the most out of this exciting development? Read on for the answers.

Smartphones are basically mobile computers, and within reason they can help you complete the same tasks as a basic laptop, PC or Mac. From a business point of view it means you can manage your cashflow, run your accounts, update your social media, chat with employees and customers, and create documents - all on the move.

How this makes your business more efficient is plain to see: Whereas 10 years ago being on a train meant you were out of the office, today you can be 'in the office' whenever you choose to be - take advantage of this and you'll have a firm footing to compete with bigger rivals.

Not only this, but the bulk of software that allows to you to complete tasks is completely free. Social media allows you to market your business and broaden its reach without any spend.

Cloud-based solutions for smaller companies can cut or remove completely the up-front cost of technology. Collaboration software such as Huddle, Hullo Mail and gwabbit are available for BlackBerry smartphones, on BlackBerry App World.

These apps and many others like them, often available free of charge, can extend the value of the BlackBerry platform.  In fact, the first piece of business they win will have instantly paid for the system.

For businesses with their own onsite email system, the recently launched BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Express software allows them to instantly connect BlackBerry smartphones to the company network at no charge and without compromising security.

It uses the same robust security as the market-leading BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, and includes key IT policies and features to allow simple yet effective data protection and device management.

The trick is to keep your ear to the ground. Track developments in the software world because new free products and new upgrades appear all the time. Select the best and most relevant software for your business and use it as much as possible.

If you can save money on bookkeeping, marketing and communications, for example, you'll stand a much better chance of making a profit!

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