How to use your mobile to kill downtime on the train

Now, we know that British entrepreneurs are a diligent bunch and rarely if ever feel inclined to waste time. But what's the point of a smartphone if you can't have a little fun? Read on for the best ways kill time on the train and stay (sort of) productive. 

1.BlackBerry Travel

Plan your next holiday, I mean business trip, and organise it to within an inch of its life with BlackBerry's new travel app. Billed as an all-in-one travel service for your phone, it lets you check flight times, delays and cancellations; find places to eat, shop and sleep; find out currency conversion rates and weather forecasts or just boast about where you are by sharing news on LinkedIn.


2. TimeZones

Okay, so you're unlikely to pass through too many time zones on a train, unless you're on the Orient Express, but bear with us. If you do business globally then it's good to know when your contacts will be up. This app lets you create up to eight global clocks and link your contacts time zones around the world.

It's great if you need to make sure you're not going to disturb a cherished client's beauty sleep or spoil your business partner's dinner. The app also lets you schedule meetings and appointments easily.

3. Blackberry Podcast

You need never be bored again with this app which delivers podcasts direct to your Blackberry for free. Subscribe to your favourites or discover new ones and watch or listen to them whenever you want.

4. IdeaPad

This is a brilliant app for taking quick notes on the move with the BlackBerry Playbook. It allows you to jot down ideas as soon as they enter your head, so you don't have to keep going over it again and again in case you forget.

What makes this app interesting is the fact that your ideas don't have to be in note form; you can add quick sketches and charts to bring your thoughts to life. All of your notes can be saved either as text (.txt) or picture (.png) and later can be accessed, read and edited.

5. Excuse generator

Train delayed? Or were you too busy playing Angry Birds to realise it had left…no matter. With the Excuse generator available on your BlackBerry you have access to world of plausible-sounding reasons for arriving late.

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