21 Steps to Creating a Business You Love

21 Steps to Creating a Business You Love

We’re talking about business right? Surely that’s just about profit, margins and sales? No. Not if you want to create a business you love - and stay in love with.

It’s about finding your purpose in business. This could easily change and develop over time. So if you don’t feel like you have a definitive answer this minute, start with what you have and build on that. It is a journey, but you need to start somewhere.

That doesn’t mean that we all need to be life coaches to make the world a better place. It might mean that you want to empower the world to eat healthier, work less, be financially free... Or you’re just the best digital marketeer on the planet!

So what’s your purpose ... and what’s the purpose of this business? They may be the same thing, but equally they might not. The key is to make sure your business reflects your true skills, passion and yes... purpose.

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