50 high-impact & low-budget marketing tips

So you need cheap marketing ideas that will differentiate you from the competition and keep customers coming back for more? Our stonking new marketing advice Ebook, created in partnership with printed.com, features ultra-hot marketing tips from top entrepreneurs, experts and enterprises.

Among the 50 budget-friendly marketing tips, you'll find canny ideas and proven strategies form the likes of Extreme Group founder Al Gosling, Tribewanted's Ben Keene, Ben Way, Charlie Bigham, Pimlico Plumbers founder Charlie Mullins, Smarta 100 Business of the Year winner Tom Cohn of Kigu, Bulldog founder Simon Duffy, Wonga, Kashflow, Reevoo, and Smarta 100 Marketing Special Award winner Callum Bush.

At the heart of the Ebook is the Smarta way of doing business: going for the easiest wins, being experimental, trying out lots of different, low-cost ideas and then quickly refining your strategy to focus on the methods that work best for your business. Smart marketing means squeezing the most you can from every last pound in your budget, because every last pound makes a difference when you're a small business.

The Ebook will help you:

  • cut costs in your marketing budget
  • explore some amazing new marketing channels
  • learn more about the hottest digital and social media practices
  • think outside the box with wonderful - and occasionally wacky - marketing ideas
  • refine your existing marketing practices
  • learn how to better analyse your marketing activity
  • attract new customers in innovative and budget-friendly ways
  • create killer marketing strategies
  • dramatically improve customer retention

Not bad eh? Download it free using the button below

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