Smarta 100 top tips ebook

Smarta 100 top tips ebook

Smarta 100 top tips ebookThis ebook is the collective genius of the UK's smartest small businesses: the Smarta 100.

In it you'll find their red-hot tips on everything from coming up with your first business idea to structuring a seriously lucrative exit. It's packed with been-there-done-it quick tricks for slashing costs, boosting sales and making your whole darn business super-efficient.

The Smarta 100 ebook covers:

  • Ideas & creativity
  • Starting up
  • Planning
  • Funding & finance
  • Resources: save time and money
  • Suppliers & distribution
  • Partnerships & collaboration
  • PR & customer service
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Social media
  • Online business
  • Technology
  • Premises
  • Employees & team
  • Ethics
  • Exit strategies

... and it's all nice and snappy, so you can find out how to save a few hundred quid while finishing your breakfast.


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