Training and personal development for employees

Training and personal development courses are a good way to motivate staff but you need to identify precisely what training is required and what results you expect. Identify how training can improve the current situation and agree a schedule with staff. Read our three-point guide for more information on training and personal development.

  • Evaluate your objectives
  • How to find a training course
  • Get feedback

Evaluate your objectives

Before embarking on any training, identify why there is a need, such as increasing knowledge and skills, improving efficiency or wanting a refresher course. Write these down so you can look back on them when the course has finished to see whether it achieved your objectives. Find out as much as you can about the course before you or an employee attends and be sure to discuss individual requirements with the trainer.

  • Training and development can boost knowledge and skills and increase efficiency
  • Identify objectives before attending a course and keep a record, so you can evaluate whether the course achieved what you wanted

How to find a training course

Any training provider should understand your business' needs and should also be experienced in the type of courses you want. Consider whether you want the training to be tailored to your business or more general (the former is likely to be more expensive). Will the training be carried out on-site and do you have the facilities for this, or will it require your employees to travel? Ensure you get testimonials from any training provider you consider and draw up a shortlist.

  • Ask yourself whether you want the training to be tailored or more general
  • Draw up a shortlist and get testimonials and advice from other businesses that have been through the process

Get feedback

Always follow up on training by discussing what difference it has made to the individual and the company as a whole, as this will establish whether the investment was worthwhile. This is also a good time to identify further training and personal development opportunities and pinpoint any changes you can make.

  • Get feedback once a course has ended - find out what difference it has made to the individual and the company
  • Use feedback to identify any current concern with training and to identify future opportunities

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