How I found the right virtual team


There comes a point in any growing business when it needs to be more than just its founder. It needs the right people to undertake tasks, such as answering the phone, managing the accounts, handling customer enquiries and producing content.

Upad recently reached this stage, and I decided that - rather than just employing new and full-time talent - I would look towards creating a virtual team of specialists. As a result, this would help me to focus more on growing the business.

The challenge

Employing a virtual team inevitably has its pros and cons. The fact that people don't all sit in and share the same office can mean that they don't feel empowered, or they become disengaged with the company's philosophy.

You need to ensure that you take people on with similar attributes - people with entrepreneurial flair, who are proactive and have a desire to grow the business. It's a question of going out and trying to find the right people, without falling into the trap of taking on a whole load of consultants.

The solution

Over the last couple of months, Upad has brought in specialists across the following areas: digital marketing, web development, content creation, strategy, PR, business development, and accounting.

I have worked hard to make sure that everyone feels part of a team and communicates with one another. And I have made a point of creating a flat structure, ensuring that they don't all have to report into me, but that they share their ideas.

Key lesson

We've always tried to keep a low overhead, with a skeleton staff operating in a 'cloud' environment and an entrepreneurial spirit. We know that this model has helped us to progressively change our business. As a result, we believe we've identified our niche.

Top tip

It is important to plan and trial things, and you need to be prepared to make mistakes. No one is going to be fired for having a go!

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