How to recruit senior managers

As your business grows, taking on more staff and expanding its customer base, there is inevitably a requirement to take on more senior people. This is partly to take the strain off the founder, but also to bring in the skills required to kick the company up a gear. Appointing senior people can be disruptive though, not least because they're sure to have their own ideas about how to take the company forward. This guide shows you how to recruit the right senior managers for your company:

  • Map the gaps
  • Hiring
  • Salary

Map the gaps

All recruitment should be prefaced by a comprehensive audit of the company's current management team set against its requirements for the coming months and years.   Then figure out who you need to achieve your goals on time.  If you require investment to fund expansion into overseas markets, for example, a new operations manager with a relevant track record could help. Be clear in your mind about what you need.  Conduct regular reviews of the management team. If there are gaps, set about filling them.

  • Know what and who you need to grow
  • Conduct regular reviews of your management team


Always ensure that you draw up a full job description - certainly before any interviews take place. Looking at the track records of candidates is crucial. But remember that you also need to consider whether they will fit into the culture of your company - and whether their ideas will fit with yours.

  • Draw up a full job description first
  • Look at track records
  • Ensure fits with work culture and ideas


Managers with a clear track record are premium products and they'll expect to be paid well. Look at job postings for similar roles to the one you're advertising to ascertain what salary you should be offering. Senior people who move around regularly are traditionally paid more than candidates who achieve high positions by promotion through a single company.  You may be able to cut costs by only using someone part-time, or taking on a non-executive director for only one or two days a month if it's knowledge rather than hands-on management that you need. Alternatively, you could substitute a proportion of salary for equity in the company, although this may not appeal to all candidates.

  • Ensure the salary you're offering matches the industry standard
  • Be aware that senior people who move companies regularly are often more expensive
  • Consider ways to cut costs if your needs can still be met

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