A Smarta guide to Exporting

So, you have a successful business trading in the UK, but you’re looking to grow and open your market; you’re looking to export overseas.

It makes sense: the UK only accounts for 1/20th of the global market, and so opening your business up to international trade actually reduces risks and increases profits.

By spreading your services and/or products over a wider customer base you happen to be protecting your business if demand in the UK falls. As you leap into more global markets, you are likely to become more aware of how business is evolving, allowing you to develop and hone your company to fit these needs.

Furthermore, exporting only helps your business’ profile as you gain access to a wider and more available audience. Smarta is backing the UK government’s ‘Exporting is GREAT’ initiative, which encourages businesses to start exporting overseas; lots of helpful information can be found on their website.

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