Ashley Friedlein, Econsultancy

This entrepreneur video of Ashley Friedlein, CEO of Econsultancy, a digital marketing and ecommerce advice company, provides expert advice on how to market your product, particularly in the digital world.

The businessman offers great marketing strategies for anyone interested in entered the online market and highlights the importance of having an understanding of your customer and their preferences. Being able to read the consumers online behaviour gives you a great advantage as to where to direct your product.

Ashley Friedlein also underlines the importance of web design and how it develops the company's credibility. Having the awareness of all the issues linked with online sales is also crucial, ranging from product imagery to fraud. The CEO of Econsultancy also speaks of mobile marketing and some of the risks and disadvantages that it could bring due to its invasive nature.

This business advice video provides a good insight into the world of digital marketing and the advantages of using the 24/7 internet environment. With the internet playing a key role in the majority of businesses now, Ashley Friedlein offers a basic introduction to e-commerce and some of the steps involved.

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