Claiming on business insurance

This guide will help you understand what details you need to be aware of, and how to make a claim from your insurance company.

  1. When you discover something's wrong
  2. What you need to provide
  3. What the insurance company will do

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1) When you discover something's wrong

As soon as you discover something is wrong, you need to notify your insurance company - or, if you suspect criminal damage, the police, who will supply you with a crime reference number which will serve as proof to your insurance company that a crime has been committed. If you need to make emergency repairs, do so as soon as possible, but make sure you get a receipt and let the insurance company know what you have done.

  • Notify your insurance company as soon as possible
  • Call the police if you suspect criminal damage
  • Make emergency repairs and let the insurance company know

2) What you need to provide to the insurance company

You'll need to get a quote for repairs so the insurance company knows how much you are claiming, as well as an invoice for any emergency repairs and proof of ownership for anything which has been stolen.  You'll also need to keep any assets which have been damaged to present them as evidence if the insurance company sends a loss adjuster to come and inspect your premises.

  • Get a quote for repairs
  • Keep invoices for emergency repairs
  • Keep damaged assets in case the insurance company wants to see them

3)What the insurance company will do

Once you have submitted your claim, the insurance company will settle it with you, either over the phone or, for more complicated claims, they will send a loss adjuster, an impartial adviser who will assess the amount of damage and advise you and the insurance company. Remember that claiming on your insurance is a complicated process which could take several months to settle.

  • The insurance company may settle your claim over the phone
  • A loss adjuster can help for more complex claims
  • The claim could take several months to settle

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