Employers Liability Insurance explained

Taking on your first employee is a huge moment for your business. Find out what support is available and what insurance you’re required to have by law as you reach the huge milestone of hiring staff and growing your business.

Employers Liability Insurance

Small businesses are built on the actions of great founders and brilliant employees. But, if those brilliant people have an accident at work or become ill, your business could be at risk. If that happens, employers’ liability insurance has your back. For companies in the UK, employers’ liability insurance is a must. And that’s not just because it makes sense, it’s a legal obligation.

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Why you need Employers’ Liability Insurance

  • Employers’ liability insurance covers you against ‘no win no fee’ legal services that will try to convince employees to claim against you
  • Your insurance counts for everyone, including paid staff and volunteers 
  • For most businesses, it’s a legal requirement if you have employees. You will be fined if you don’t have it!


Personal Accident Insurance

Founders and key contributors are the lifeblood of small businesses. They’re crucial to the growth of every company, but what happens if they can’t work? Personal accident insurance covers your business if you or a key member of staff are out of action. You’ll receive support and weekly payments during the absence period. If the accident is more serious and the injury results in permanent disability or even death, your business would receive a lump sum payment if it has personal accident insurance.

Why you should consider Personal Accident Insurance

  • Personal accident insurance can beyour safety net if you’re concerned about how your business would survive without you
  • It protects your own business income
  • Your business will be supported to meet every deadline and maintain trust with customers in your absence

BusinessHR: Employer Advice Service

When you’re running a small business, your time is precious. If you’re taking on staff to concentrate on growing your business, you can’t let your time be wasted on paperwork. One way of cutting down the paperwork that comes with hiring staff is to check out the BusinessHR product from Hiscox. The BusinessHR service provides legal documents and employment advice to small businesses. Its aim is to make sure the only HR question you need to worry about is, are they right for my business?

The benefits of Business HR

  • Hiscox BusinessHR legally protects you and your business
  • It saves you money by supplying all the documents and advice you need without expensive solicitors’ fees
  • You will get information when you need it, anytime, any day with Hiscox 24/7 service

BusinessHR can only be purchased with one of Hiscox other business insurance products for the special rate of £5 a month.

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