Five tips on how to deliver a knockout presentation

Being able to give a brilliant presentation is a vital skill that entrepreneurs must stock in their armoury. A knockout presentation is one of the best ways to inspire staff, excite you board and wow investors. So here are our top five tips to make sure your presentation ends with huge applause and a spike in sales rather than a bored audience with a notepad full of doodles.

Get Creative

Doodleslide is a tool that gives you over 400 high-resolution hand-drawn images in 28 categories. It means you never have to resort to the tired and overused images from clipart again. They also have templates that you can use for each slide. The hand-drawn images help to add quirkiness to your presentation, which is sure to make it  stand out.

Take the audience on a journey

Prezzi gives its users the option to zoom out and into different aspects of their presentation.  Simple, yet brilliant. This breaks the monotony of a standard square slide. You can even turn the page as you go. If used correctly, it gives the impression you're taking the audience on a journey.

Give people a break

It's well known that the average adult's attention span lasts for 20 minutes. If you do need to break the 20-minute rule, then try to give your audience some time to relax. Steve Jobs was great at this. During one presentation at Apple, Jobs pulled up a blank side. Not as a mistake, but to simply give those watching a chance to relax before regaining their focus.

Be cool

Keynote remote allows you to control your slides on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch from another iPhone or iPod. This is great as you can flit between slides without having to go near the device on which holds your presentation. Just another way of making yourself look slick and professional.

Forget the slides

If you want to be really engaging, do you need slides? Winston Churchill inspired a nation to success through his speeches using only his voice. PowerPoint presentations can work against you and can distract listeners. They may focus on the slides and not your actual message.

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