Gordon Mac, Kiss FM and Colourful Radio

Gordon Mac, also known as the Godfather of dance music, started pirate radio station Kiss FM in 1985, running it from several locations including soul DJ Trevor Nelson's bedroom. In 1992, the station got a license to run a legal operation, and Mac ran it until 1997. The Kiss brand has expanded from radio to TV, and is the second most popular music channel behind MTV. In 1997 when Mac left Kiss FM, the company was valued at £40 million. Ever the entrepreneur, Gordon Mac has gone on to invest in the Z Bar, the first West End style bar and restaurant in the Brixton area and Mac is now working on a new project, digital station Colourful Radio, aimed at the over-25 market.

Gordon Mac's love for music developed at the young age of 12 when he became a DJ and in this video interview he shares the three rules he established when developing Kiss FM and the importance of keeping your enemies close by you, and in Mac's case this was the radio authority. He also shares advice that he took from Richard Branson and developed an experienced and enthusiastic team to work at Kiss FM.

He also talks about how he financed the start-up by giving equity to the eight DJ's involved with the brand including famous names Tim Westwood and Trevor Nelson. Mac touches on brand partnership and the importance of mobilising assets and how recession means survival. He gives expert advice on business management and controlling cash flow.

Gordon Mac provides a unique insight into the evolution of radio and is a great example of one of the most innovative and successful entrepreneurs in the music industry.

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