Gordon Mac, Mi-Soul

The Kiss FM founder is back with a new business and this time it's soul. Gordon Mac - DJ, erstwhile club owner, former boss of Colourful Radio, is launching his most ambitious venture to date: a social media platform/news and information hub/soul radio widget targeting soul-lovers everywhere. Gordon Mac presents... Mi-Soul.

In this video, Mac gives us an EXCLUSIVE peek into his new business, explaining the Mi-Soul concept and his plans for expansion. Much has to stay under wraps, however: "A few people who are coming to join me haven't left their jobs yet!" he explains.

The basic premise behind Mi-Soul is to create a music platform for former Kiss FM fans today, and tap into a new soul community that is currently fragmented between different venues, promoters and websites: "No one else is catering for over-thirties soul lovers in the same way," says Mac.

We'll bring you more news on the launch as soon as we have it. Stay tuned.

Check out our video interview with Gordon Mac on his Kiss FM days.

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