Harvey Jacobson, Jacobson Group

Meet Harvey Jacobson. He's the man behind some of the biggest footwear brands on the high street: Gola, Ravel, Dunlop, Lotus and Lonsdale to name but a few.

Jacobson, boss of the Jacobson Group, has created a £60m-turnover brand from the ground up, selling to a wide spread of retailers from discount stores like Netto to Selfridges.

Jacobson started out as a market trader. Working in the family shoe business in Manchester, a young Harvey learned the tricks of the trade: "Back then, it was all about three criteria - price, price and price," he says.

In this video interview, Jacobson shares the story of his success: the highs, the lows and everything in between. Here's how Jacobson broke the high street, his tips on doing business with big brands - "If you're going to approach a big retailer, have a walk around their shops and work out what's missing" - and the importance of employing people who are smarter than you.

Jacobson may be a well-respected entrepreneur, but he's still got his market trader sense of humour and spark. He tells the tale of his most spectacular failure: shipping 80 Russian buyers over to Blighty at great expense and budgeting to take £300,000 for his trouble. He took one order for £500 that day.

This is one to watch.

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