Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent, Leon

It's hard to imagine a London without Leon. The wholesome fast food chain now occupies nine sites around London with several more due to open their doors next year. But Leon founders John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby have done more than create an eatery, their iconic brand embodies a whole way of life.

"We had a vision to create a brand that was about doing good and tasting good at the same time," says Dimbleby. "Back in 2004 when we were starting out, all there was to eat at lunchtimes was grey sandwiches from the chiller cabinet or delicious but sinful fast food. We decided to come up with something new. The inspiration: If God did fast food."

This concept has blossomed. Leon is now a trail-blazer on the high street. Its recipes have been copied and recreated across the land, both by rival chains and devoted customers. In a departure from the Coca Cola school of business, Leon's 'secret recipes' are all in the public domain - Dimbleby and Vincent have published not one but two cookbooks!

In this exclusive interview, the founders share their story, talking everything from branding and marketing to investment and banking woes. Definitely one to watch.

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