Ian Cummings, eCourier

When Tom Allason and Jay Bregman launched eCourier in 2004, they were hell-bent on changing the same-day delivery business forever. By implementing cutting edge technology and developing a cool, interesting brand, the pair did just that. But they never turned a profit.

Despite having a great idea, great execution and a great client list, the numbers didn't add up and change needed to happen. Ian Cummings has stepped in to continue that change...

He calls himself a "steady pair of hands" but Cummings is in fact that rare creature: a numbers man with entrepreneurial flair. He's ridden the start-up train with logistics firm Sensigrade, been through the joys of raising capital and knows the ins and outs of branding and marketing. Most importantly, he knows how to turn all of these stages into pure profit.

For the first time since inception, eCourier is now making money. In this video interview, eCourier CEO Cummings shares his turnaround secrets and explains why, sometimes, it takes an outsider to make a great business greater.

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