John Paleomylites,

Serial entrepreneur Theo Paleomylites founded, a price comparison website, in 2005. This followed a series of successful start ups including JCP which became the UK's leading internet transactions security company. It was acquired by Sun Microsystems for £40 million and John was made Global Director of the financial services software. After a years gardening leave Paleomylites set up and in 2006 it was given the Growing Young Business of the Year award.

In this video interview Theo Paleomylites talks about his business model and the two main focuses it holds. By offering efficient and clear financial research to consumers and value propositions to businesses advertising on the BTQ website, the enterprise has gone through rapid growth with around 2.5 million unique visitors in June 2008. The successful entrepreneur speaks of the importance of market research and knowing your market inside and out before launching.

Theo recommends methods of driving traffic through diversifying marketing techniques and tells us why his business chose to adopt the white labelling method as a primary marketing channel. He touches on whether he believes that recession has been good for entrepreneurs and how it has impacted BTQ in negative and positive ways.

Does Paleomylites have any exit plans for the near future? Find out the future plans of the entrepreneur in this unique interview.


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