Julian Evans, Walltastic

Murals haven't changed much since caveman times - until now! Walltastic, founded by Julian Evans in 2002, produces eye-catching, colourful murals for kid's bedrooms, filling a gap in a market dominated by pattern wallpapers, stickers and stencils. The firm is a totally international brand, retailing in 38 countries and cracking that toughest of nuts for export firms: China.

Evans is not only an innovator, he's a savvy entrepreneur, pricing his murals for the mass market. A Walltastic mural to cover a child's wall costs as little at £40. Other wall murals on the market can cost up to £300. And Walltastic doesn't just produce any old designs; Evans has established partnerships with heavyweight media owners to create murals that truly capture the trends of today. Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, Roary the Racing Car, Scooby Doo, Madagascar and In the Night Garden have all appeared on Walltastic products.

Evans, who won a Smarta 100 award last year, is not resting on his laurels, however. His new focus is on the big UK retailers: B&Q and Homebase among others, to step up his operation. As part of a big marketing push to these brands, he has invented a whole new PR concept: Shopgifting.

This cheeky campaign saw Evans and his staff 'free-gifting' Walltastic products into several leading retailers, placing the murals in relevant aisles. Customers loved the products and, once the game was up and the retailers attempted to return the shopgifted goods, many had already been sold through the tills.

In this video, Evans shares the secret of his Walltastic 'eureka' moment, "I get all my best ideas in the bath", and talks about the challenges of being a wholesaler, manufacturer and distributer. Get stuck in!

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