Lord Bilimoria, Cobra Beer

In the run up to MADE Festival on 19-21 September we've been granted exclusive access to the high-profile entrepreneurs who are looking to inspire a generation of new businesses. In this video we interviewed Lord Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer.

The story of Cobra Beer is one of explosive, disruptive growth.  While studying at Cambridge University, Bilimoria was trying to find the perfect beer to accompany a curry.  But rather than opt for whatever's on offer at the nearest newsagents like most students, Bilimoria decided to create his own.

This interview sees Bilmoria look back on the history of Cobra and talks about what a career as an entrepreneur has taught him. He touches upon  the early days when he delivered the beers in the back of his beat-up old Citroen, how his parents wanted him to 'get a proper job' and where start-ups of today should be looking for inspiration.

Press play if you want to know the secret to his success.

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