Millie Kendall, Ruby & Millie

Mille Kendall is the successful female entrepreneur behind the cosmetic brand Ruby & Millie, which she co-founded with Ruby Hammer 15 years ago. Kendall has been heavily involved in brand management and over the years has developed a beauty publicity business and has had a lot of experience in launching and developing niche cosmetic products. In 2007 Mille Kendall was awarded an MBE for her contribution to the cosmetic industry.

In this video interview Kendall talks about how she became an accidental entrepreneur and how her reputation for launching large brands for a small budget led to her gaining a lot of business. Her relationship with Ruby Hammer developed from business to friendship and Millie talks about the importance of partners sharing a combined passion and drive for the business as well as having a balance in skills and task delegation.

She also gives expert advice on the cosmetic industry and the struggle that small businesses may find in entering the "mastige"market. Kendall gives tips on maintaining stock level and deciding minimum purchasing orders. The entrepreneur also talks about how working on the shop floor was the best experience she had in terms of understanding the product and customer. With Kendall's great experience in the health and beauty industry, as well as brand management, means that this video will provide a unique insight into how a small business idea can become a huge international success story.

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