Paul Dymond, Zeal Design

Zeal is brand design and communications agency. Its broad-reaching ouvre includes research and strategy work, design, branding, customer and employee engagement, digital media and web design. It's still in its infancy but counts Fujifilm, The Smile Centre and Apollo Group as clients. It works with businesses that are eager to grow.

Co-founder Paul is a corporate graphic designer by trade and started out as a designer for Dyson. In this video interview Dymond speaks of the brand design and communications business and its growth over the past 5 years. He highlights the importance of creating a brand that differentiates the company and promoting that difference, whether it is the personality of the staff or the company mission. Zeal Design use effective photography in their graphics work and using visual aid as a marketing tool.

Paul gives expert advice on working closely with clients and why its brands not logos. He also speaks about the evolution of brand design and its shift to being screen based. He touches on staff management and the importance of training staff so they fully understand the culture of the company and its purpose, whether through verbal presentation or training days.

The small business provides a good example of how simple design, a knowledge of the market and open staff has led to success and growth.

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