Sam Bompas, Bompas & Parr

"Architectural foodsmiths" Sam Bompas and Harry Parr do things with jelly, booze and food that you would not believe. From giant, wobbling jelly installations, boating lakes made of punch atop Selfridges, and a gin and tonic 'mist' that intoxicates you as you breathe, the boys are turning heads in creative and entrepreneurial circles alike.

No project is too large or too small. From teaming up with outreach organisations like Guerilla Science to turn out brains made of delicious pink jelly as part of the One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest season at Secret Cinema to vast culinary endeavours - a four course Victorian feast for 2,304 culminating with dessert served on a floating pontoon in the middle of Elsing Halls moat - and a supersize jelly for a party chez PM David Cameron, food has never been more rock'n'roll.

Their latest creation, a Christmas hamper worthy of the most seasoned adventurer, complete with quinine pickle, flares and 'drinks of triumph', puts the 'fun' back in to 'functional'. The hamper goes on sale in Selfridges this Christmas. It's been a labour of love: Bompas admits that they will make a loss on each one sold. "I am fascinated by hampers," he says. "It's a dream made reality".

In this video, Bompas talks through the Bompas & Parr start-up story and explains how a foray into jelly became a full-scale food adventure. Also, for all you jelly fans, he shares his top jelly-making tips. Never risk a jelly disaster again.

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