Sam Conniff, Livity

Sam Conniff says he graduated from formal education 'with a diploma in running club nights and an apprenticeship in rock band management'. His first business, founded in 1998, was Don't Panic, the iconic flyer pack distribution company still beloved by students across the UK.

In 2001, Conniff left Don't Panic to face a new challenge: could he and business partner Michelle Clothier stop people believing 'marketing' is a dirty word? The answer seems to be yes: since its inception, Livity has built up a client base which includes Penguin, Red Bull, the BBC and even the government, all the while taking a socially responsible approach to use the 'awesome power' of brands to achieve positive goals

In this video interview Sam Conniff relates to what social marketing entails and his aim of harnessing the power of marketing and communicate social messages to young people. He also gives reasoning as to why Livity has been listed as a limited company and why he doesn't like social enterprises being relegated to the third sector.

Conniff speaks about his experiences working with a range of young people and how ethnographic research has allowed Livity to help young people have a greater voice in the media. He also gives expert advice on how to successfully use social media and how to come up with a good business idea. Find out why Sam believes that digital expert is an oxymoron and why the education system in the UK does not encourage creativity. He also shares his staff and team philosophy, the one rule for young people working in the office and the ambition he holds for the organisation.

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