Sara Murray, Buddi

Sara Murray founded Buddi after a series of events including losing her daughter in the supermarket and being told by the security guard to go and stand at the car park exit and look into the cars as they left. Another experience  during a skiing holiday where she was asked by an instructor to write her telephone number and name on a piece of paper and place it in her daughters jacket pocket led her to question the lack of personal safety devices available on the market.

Murray's knowledge of GPS technology and her experience in starting up electronic and internet businesses led to the development of Buddi. Buddi has enjoyed great success in the UK and there are plans to expand into South Africa and the rest of Europe.

In this video interview the successful female entrepreneur talks about her need for multiple designers to develop a prototype for the product and gives her reasons why she chose not to manufacture in China. She gives expert advice on how to be a good entrepreneur and relates to her experience of creating a new market.

Murray also gives business tips on B2B and B2C business models and how to avoid failure by controlling costs. She talks about the recession and how it has influenced the number of angel investors around. This video is a great example of an entrepreneur taking a unique and innovative idea and turning it into a successful business.


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