Sir Richard Needham, Dyson

Sir Richard Needham is famous in both the business and political world for his work as transformational Chairman of Avon Rubber plc and a long history with Dyson, as well as being Minister for Trade and Michael Heseltine's deputy. At Dyson he was the Deputy Chairman for four years and was largely responsible for the company's overseas operations in Europe, Japan, China, Malaysia, Russia and Korea. He is now the Director for International and Commercial Affairs at the worlds leading vacuum cleaner business. Due to his wealth of experience and knowledge, Needham now gives lectures on a range of topics including risk taking, innovation and public and private sectors in the UK and abroad.

The successful entrepreneur talks about the early days of Dyson and how it grew to becoming a multi-national brand that is recognised in households all over the world. He offers his thoughts on what qualities led to Dyson being such a success and the challenges of large scale growth and international expansion. Needham also refers to the US market and the factors that had to be taken into account when entering such a strong market.

Having worked long side Sir James Dyson, the brains behind the innovative hoovers, and through his own experience he is also able to offer expert advice on how to set up a business and be a good entrepreneur. He recommends finding a mentor who can help you through the challenges of starting a business and talks about the governments' role in helping start ups and business such as Smarta. This video interview provides a unique insight into one of the leading business men in the UK and internationally, as well as the most successful British Minister for Trade since the War.

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