Wordled: Building Britain's Future

"The Prime Minister is to set out his policy priorities for the next year and beyond," Today presenter Evan Davis told listeners yesterday of Gordon Brown's Building Britain's Future report, before embarking on a massive fight with business secretary Peter Mandelson - much to his listeners' amusement.

After a long period of contemplating its navel, Mandelson pointed out it's time to for parliament to tear its gaze away from itself and to focus instead on The People.

The report, unveiled by the Prime Minister yesterday, set out the government's plans for health, education, work and welfare reform during the next two years. BBC political editor Nick Robinson told Today the document "was known inside Whitehall as the 'National Plan' - but the Stalinist overtones weren't thought to be welcome so they called it Building Britain's Future instead."

And so to this week's biggest words:

New (26 mentions)

Ah, Gordon: it's a brave new world you're taking us into - or it will be after the election, which will be held before June next year. Robinson said the plans gave further indication Labour is gearing up for an election: "One senior civil servant put it to me thus," he said. "There had been a call around Whitehall to dig out of the cupboards every possible idea and announcement and bring them all together. Stick a red rose on the front, and...  it would be a Labour manifesto." Out with the old and in with the new, then - but can Labour claw its way back to the top?

Jobs (18 mentions)

One of the document's key policies. Brown announced some rather radical ideas, one of which was to oblige young people to accept job offers. "Starting from January, every young person under 25 who has been unemployed for a year will receive a guaranteed job," he told parliament - "and in return... they will also have the obligation to accept that guaranteed offer."
But where will these jobs come from? According to Brown, the government has set aside £1bn to create up to 150,000 of them, but where they will be created is unclear. Smarta is already imagining a brand new layer of management in public services composed exclusively of frustrated graduates. Run and hide, readers. Run and hide.

People (13 mentions)

Only the second time this word has appeared in Business Wordle, which is odd considering the number of public policy documents we've run through the machine. Nevertheless, after a long period of contemplating its own navel, Mandelson pointed out it's time to for parliament to tear its gaze away from itself and to focus instead on The People. "For almost three months, all people have talked about is MPs' expenses," he said. "We have to move on to what the government can do for the public." Good thinking, Batman.

Read the statement on Building Britain's Future or create your own Wordle.

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