Wordled: Press conference between President Obama and Gordon Brown

As the globe once again trembled on the brink of financial collapse and stock markets plummeted to a six-year low, this week saw one appearance which could reverse the merciless progression of potential destitution in the first world.

It seems we share many systems with our cousins across the pond, not least our banking systems, which, said Brown, need to be changed.

It was an historic moment, a momentous meeting of minds which could cement a 'special' transatlantic relationship between two countries forever: it was, of course, the three minutes and 28 seconds of stuttering adoration undertaken by pop legend Michael Jackson.

Across the ocean another press conference took place, this time between British premier Gordon Brown and newly inaugurated US President Barack Obama. Unfortunately, Smarta couldn't make it to the press conference - but we can do the next best thing: Wordle the result.

This week's most frequently used words:

Think (19 mentions)

With two of the world's most senior thinkers in attendance, the conference was sure to be all about coming up with solutions to global problems. Their ruminations over the challenges presented by the business world seemed less than enlightening, though: "we believe in a government that is not overbearing and allows entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive, but we also share a common belief that there have to be sufficient regulatory structures in place," President Obama explained. Well that's that clarified, then.

World (19 mentions)

Barack Obama has descends Native Americans, Kenyans and even Indonesians while Gordon Brown belongs to a long line of, err, Scots - so this was truly an international affair. The men discussed solutions to issues of worldwide significance, including third-world poverty, the importance of democracy and, of course, the fact that no one has anything against Russia - honest.

System (19 mentions)

It seems we share many systems with our cousins across the pond, not least our banking systems, which, said Brown, need to be changed. "We have just been talking, Barack and I, about the need for proper supervision of shadow banking systems," mused the Prime Minister.

"Areas where the bank practices were unacceptable, where remuneration policies got out of hand and weren't based on long term success but on short term deals - these are the changes we have already announced we were going to make".

The UK and the United States have indeed made similar provisions to safeguard the future of their financial sectors, both taking steps towards risky 'quantitative easing'. Whatever, though, man - it's all the same. No matter where you're from, we're all part of the system.

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