Wordled: The BCC's Q4 economic survey

As this week's Tuesday crept towards its upleasantly blustery dawn, headlines grimly proclaiming the economic downturn is now so bad, it's actually frightening did very little to cheer up a nation of soggy commuters.
While most were struggling to muster enough energy to grunt an acknowledgement, Smarta was scurrying straight to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) website to seek out the most used words in the report. Here's our analysis:


The biggest word in this week's Wordle: that's because this is the report for the fourth quarter.


A surprisingly high entry, but understandable when you get down to the nitty gritty: sales in the domestic market dropped 25 points in the last quarter, while business confidence 'plummeted' 36 points in manufacturing and 33 points services, and pressure to raise prices dropped 42 points in manufacturing, according to the report.


In this time of economic uncertainty, it's important for the engines of British business to be using the sort of language which will eventually help their members to restore a sense of equilibrium - hence the liberal use of this particular word.


British business' word du jour. At the beginning of December, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson called for 'industrial activism', imploring the government to use manufacturing as a way to fight off recession.

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