Why your business will need legal advice

If your business is going to succeed you need to ensure that it is legally sound. This means that you need to get legal advice from a registered law firm or solicitor. This guide outlines what kind of legal advice you will need to get and why it is so important to get it.

  • Why you need legal advice
  • The main forms of advice
  • What else a solicitor will help with

Why you need legal advice

Yes, getting legal advice is an additional cost to your business but it can save you a lot more money in the long run. It is much easier to sort legal issues out at the beginning of your business instead of later when they can be more problematic and more costly. If you and your business are fully aware of relevant laws and regulations then it gives a sounder foundation to your venture. It shows that your business is built to last and has the ability to anticipate and react to change.

  • It is an extra cost for your company but getting legal advice now will save you time and money in the long run
  • It gives a solid foundation to your business and means you are prepared for the unexpected.

The main forms of advice

It is vital to get advice when you are signing a lease for your business premises, where you are at risk of unexpected increases in rent or hidden charges, and when setting up your company/management structure. Advice can help you to deal with regulations affecting your business/industry, employment law issues and how to handle disputes, employment contract terms for new employees, protecting your intellectual property and copyright and drawing up a standard terms of trade contract. It can also assist with the legalities of a specific contract for a specific piece of work. You can also learn how to protect yourself against bad debts, better understand the legal requirements of your insurance needs and set terms and conditions for the sale of your products or services.

  • Solicitors can give you advice on a range of issues such as contracts, intellectual property, terms and conditions and employment law

What else a solicitor will help with

They will act for you in a legal dispute and if you have to go to court. They can also give you advice if you have a website and are unsure about its legal ins and outs. They can also give you advice on financial matters such as how to keep your taxes to a minimum.

  • A solicitor will represent you if you become involved in a legal dispute and have to go to court

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