Establishing your property requirements

Moving premises can be a stressful scenario, and if the new premises isn't exactly right for your business' needs, you risk losing out. Creating a checklist of needs for you or your commercial agent or surveyor to use when looking for premises is the easiest way to make sure the property meets your requirements. This guide will explain what to include.

  • Size and layout
  • Facilities
  • Special requirements

Size and layout

You need to make sure your premises are the right size. Too big, and you'll be overpaying; too small, and your workers will be cramped. Work out how much you can afford - if you are looking at large premises, don't forget to factor the cost of business rates, utilities charges and maintenance and upkeep into your cost planning.

  • Make sure the premises are the right size
  • Work out how much you can afford
  • Don't forget to factor in the cost of maintenance, business rates and utilities


Ask yourself which facilities you will need - your workers will require toilets, lighting, and probably a small kitchen, and you may need parking, for example, or access for deliveries. If customers need access, you may want to install an area for them, as well as access for disable customers.

  • Staff will require toilets, lighting and a kitchen
  • Will you need parking or access for deliveries?
  • Consider installing disabled access

Special requirements

Work out what your special requirements are, and whether you will need to make alterations to meet them. You may need space for a spray booth or high ceilings , or you may need to make alterations to meet health and safety or fire regulations. Find out whether there is planning permission for these kinds of alterations, and whether you will be able to alter or expand the premises in the future.

  • Work out what your special requirements are
  • Find out if planning permission is available for alterations
  • Find out whether you will be able to expand the premises in the future

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