How to find industrial space for your business

A good location for your industrial unit is vital. When choosing your position make sure you think about who will be using the building and how close you need to be to suppliers, customers, related businesses and your staff?This guide takes you from the process of working out how you want to use the premises through to finding industrial space and getting the best deal.

  • Your property specification
  • Where to look
  • Look for grants and incentive schemes

Your property specification

Industrial units have their own specific issues to tackle. Make sure you take the following into consideration when you look at space...

  • Do you have enough parking?
  • Do you have any specific delivery needs, for example drive-in truck access?
  • What are the local authority charges and business rates for services such as waste collection?
  • Are there any planning restrictions in place? And if there are will they stop you using the building for the purpose you intend?
  • Do you have enough space to store raw materials, consumables, work in progress and the finished goods?
  • What utilities do you need - phone, broadband, gas, water, electricity etc

Where to look

Start in the usual places; estate agents, the web, commercial surveyors and specialist magazines. You should also get in touch with your local authority; it will keep a register of industrial properties. And why not take a drive around your local industrial parks and look for space available signs. When dealing with agents and landlords make it clear what kind of business you intend to operate on the premises as most leases overflow with restrictions on how buildings can be used. For example some leases may prevent dangerous or noisy activities, or there may be a ban on particular business activities or there may be local planning restrictions to take into account.

  • Negotiate on all of the lease terms as industrial leases tend to be long and complex.

Look for grants, incentive schemes

It's well worth investigating any grants, loans on preferential terms and incentive schemes set up to tempt industrial businesses into specific areas. Some councils or local authorities have set up Enterprise Zones to boost local economies. These areas are created by the government and designated for a period of ten years to encourage enterprise. Businesses within Enterprise Zones are eligible for certain incentives which could include: exemption from business rates, tax allowances, and relaxation of statutory or administrative controls.

  • To find out more about Enterprise Zones in your area get in touch with your local Business Link office or contact your council and speaking to the Economic Development department.
  • For more details on the various grants and support packages offered search the  Business Link grant and support directory.

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